Pillar Consulting is a firm believer in ‘Safety Differently’. We provide a modern approach to our consulting services and over time have seen some extremely encouraging results and improvements within our client’s workplaces. Educating leaders on the true value of empowering their people to speak up and collaborate to drive change around health and safety initiatives, is where it starts for us.

Safety Differently

Safety Differently flips traditional thinking on its head and encourages organisations to grow safety from the bottom, up – rather than impose it from the top, down.

    • People are not the problem to control, they are the solution. Learn how your workers create success on a daily basis, and harness their skills and competencies to build a safer workplace.
    • Rather than intervening in worker behaviour, intervene in the conditions of their work. This involves collaborating with front-line staff and providing them with the right tools and environment to get the job done safely. The key here is intervening in workplace conditions rather than worker behaviour.
    • Measure safety as the presence of positive capacities. If you want to stop things from going wrong, enhance the capacities that make things go right.

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