Our client commitments

PARTNERSHIPS – Pillar aims to form close partnerships with our clients to create successful Health and Safety and HR platforms and strategies to protect YOUR people and YOUR business.

INTEGRITY – We recruit our team based on individuals having a high moral compass, that way we know that our consultants will always demonstrate sound ethical and moral principles in their work.

LEARNING – Pillar will strive to be at the forefront of the industry by constantly learning and remaining knowledgeable in our field as well as our client’s industry and business. Our consultants understand the necessity of continuing their professional development through courses, research, and memberships to industry bodies.

LEADERSHIP – Providing education to our client’s leaders is something we are passionate about. Strong safety and people leadership allows any organisation to thrive. We demonstrate our own leadership externally by partnering with Boards and executives, providing them with the knowledge and principles to lead by example in the health and safety and HR space.

ACCOUNTABILITY – At Pillar, we do what we say we will do. We will be answerable to our actions and the actions of our team.

ROBUST FOUNDATIONS – We create strong health and safety and HR foundations for your organisation, taking the headache out of the unknown and making health and safety and HR a non-onerous, enjoyable part of your business.