Welcome to Pillar Consulting


Pillar Consulting is a health and safety and Human Resources consulting firm with offices in Auckland, Tauranga and Wellington – servicing clients all over New Zealand.

Welcome to Pillar Consulting


Pillar Consulting is a New Zealand based consulting firm  based in the beautiful Bay of Plenty and Offices in Auckland, Wellington, and Hawkes Bay.

Pillar Consulting is a New Zealand-based consulting firm, specialising in Health and Safety, HR and Recruitment services and strategies.

We have offices in Tauranga, Wellington and Auckland. We work with clients all over New Zealand across a wide range of industries.

Health & Safety

We provide a robust Health and Safety solution for our clients and assist in maintaining a strong culture around H&S.

HR Management SERVICES

We partner with you to assist in building, developing and growing your team as if we are your internal HR business unit.

Recruitment Management

We provide a full 360-degree recruitment process on open vacancies as well as pipelining for future requirements.

We are passionate about partnering with our clients to help them grow their business and assist with any Health and Safety, Human Resources or Recruitment needs.

New Zealand has one of the highest workplace accident rates in the western world with a history of not taking workplace Health and Safety seriously. Pillar Consulting’s goal is to help New Zealand organisations change their behaviours and culture so that our clients’ businesses and our country gains a reputation for being a safe place to work. Together we put strong, robust processes in place to allow them to protect their people and their business.

Your strategy starts here

We create successful Health and Safety and HR platforms and strategies to protect YOUR people and YOUR business.

"The team have been vital"

Amanda and her team have been vital to helping us build a strong health and safety system at Kapura. Working in the hospitality industry we face many challenges in regards to staff retention, dynamic venues and high paced working environments. Pilllar Consulting has done a great job in our changing industry to ensure we are consistently engaging our people to help create safe working conditions.

Andrew Williams ‘Will’ – Director and GM of Retail Experience at Kapura 

"Excellent direction and guidance"

Over the past 3 months we have engaged Amanda from Pillar Consulting to review and lead us through the Health & Safety compliance of our business working with SAFE365. Throughout this process she has provided us with excellent direction and guided us through a complex situation with confidence and assurance. Amanda is professional and helps with our decision making in the H&S area of our business.

HR Manager, Whakarewarewa Thermal Village Tours


"Incredibly helpful and goes the extra mile"

We used Amanda to implement our new Safe365 Health and Safety software with the goal of becoming compliant under the new Health and Safety legislation. Amanda was incredibly helpful in guiding us through the process and went the extra mile in training our staff members on the new guidelines.  Amanda has been in regular contact with us to assist and to teach us how to manage our Health and Safety policies, systems and practices, this has been invaluable to our business. I have recommended Amanda to three of my small business friends already and will continue to do so.

Scott Bartlett – Bartlett Swim School Papamoa


"We weren't sure where the gaps were"

When it came to H&S, we had a manual system covering most aspects but we weren’t clear if it was enough to make us compliant or to correctly manage and monitor everyone’s safety. We employed the services of Pillar Consulting to help us work out where our gaps were. Amanda provided us with the Safe365 system as well as the training and knowledge to be able to use it ourselves. She checks in with us to see if we have any questions and to ensure we’re happy with where we’re at with our compliance. The system is really user-friendly and the service that Pillar Consulting has provided has been exceptional.

H&S Coordinator, Hockey NZ


"Knowing we had the support made a huge difference to us"

We are a small national sporting organisation who for so long struggled to get our head around the health and safety for our sport. After being introduced to Amanda Barker from Pillar Consulting, life changed overnight for us….knowing we had the support of Amanda made a huge difference. Thank you Amanda for your passion and drive with Health and Safety as you made the process less daunting for us and we felt confident that, if at any stage we had any questions or needed assistance, you were there for us.

Mark Weatherall – CEO Canoe Racing NZ


"They understood what we needed, and they bent over backwards to give it to us."

S2 Global Resilience engaged Pillar’s help in New Zealand, initially to carry out an in-depth review of our client’s H&S management set-up, providing advice on legal compliance and operational effectiveness.
Pillar’s consultants made a very good job of working closely with the company’s staff and management team, in order to get a real-world understanding of how the company operates and how things could be improved. Their report (delivered promptly) was thorough, clear and has proven extremely useful.Following the review, we helped our client to revise their H&S management structure, as advised, but they were unable to source a suitable local H&S Coordinator, either internally or externally. Fortunately, Pillar Recruitment came to our rescue, sourcing an excellent lady from Pillar’s own bank of contacts, who has shown herself to be both efficient and popular in the post. Pillar stayed involved during the induction period, ensuring that she settled into the role well, prioritised her tasks correctly and got to know the key people in the organisation. They have stayed involved since; Supportive, and there when we need them.I cannot speak highly enough of Pillar’s professionalism and pragmatism. Quite simply, we realised after our first meeting that they absolutely got us. They understood what we needed, and they bent over backwards to give it to us.

Mark Swain – Director – S2-Global Resilience


"Professional, approachable and always going the extra mile."

As a co-owner of the business Super Yacht Coatings I have come to realise how important health and safety is, to not only all staff, but also visitors to our facilities and different worksites around the country. With this realisation comes the responsibility to ensure that our business operates with H&S at the forefront of all operations.
This has been a massive undertaking and at the outset I can honestly say that I felt overwhelmed by the task ahead. I didn’t really know where to start and as such, how to identify, prioritise and manage our risks.
In response to the lack of experience in this field we employed the services of Pillar consulting, which is how I met Tash.
Tash has been the key to our successful transition into the modern H&S mindset, and has incorporated the “safe365”systems into our company seamlessly, dealing with staff and contractors in such a way that we all look forward to her monthly visits. Professional, approachable and always going the extra mile is how I describe Tash, and with support from Pillar, I couldn’t recommend a better team!

Regan Woodward -Super Yacht Coatings / Gorilla Commercial Coatings


"Always been easy and stress free, if i have any questions they are fast to respond"

I have been working with Pillar consulting since I became venue manager of The Churchill on Lambton Quay from 2019. The lovely Amanda helped set us up with Safe365 and introduced us to the system. Once we was all set we then started to work monthly with Jane, this rapidly turned into fortnightly and sometimes weekly visits as the venue was prone to various disasters – (Gas leaks, suspected asbestos, floods and burst pipes) Jane helped us work through this and ensure we were operating as efficiently and safely as possible.Since then The Churchill has closed as the building is being earthquake strengthened and I have moved on and become an area manager. I now have Heather looking after my 6 venues – Coene’s Bar and Eatery, Dillinger’s, Huxleys, The Honey Badger Saloon, Rizzo’s and Sin Bin. Heather is hands on and keeps me involved every step of the way! Some of my venues have really excelled in making safety a priority and I feel couldn’t have done this without Heathers guidance.Dealing with Pillar has always been easy and stress free, if i have any questions they are fast to respond and set up new accounts rapidly. I have learnt a lot from Amanda, Jane and Heather and would highly recommend them.

Lehr Yeldham – Kapura


"Eye for detail, provides informative feedback and encourages strong Health and Safety behaviours."

I have had the pleasure of working with Jane and Heather for a number of years now since Kapura took Pillar Consulting on to assist with streamlining our Health and Safety Procedures across all aspects of the business. The sites I run, we operate as Contractors within existing businesses, and both Jane and Heather have been able to help create site specific plans to help suit both our needs and those of the clients. With Heather now as our main H&S Co-Ordinator for the group, she has an eye for detail, provides informative feedback and encourages strong Health and Safety behaviours to benefit both the staff, customers and key stakeholders

Ash Mason – Kapura


"Swiftly build relationships to understand our staff & the daily orchard realities they faced"

In May 2021 Zest2000 started on the journey with Pillar Consulting to obtain full H&S compliance for our North Island orchard operations in growing kiwifruit, apples and kiwiberry. After the initial induction led by the director Amanda Barker, we embarked on this journey with Natasha Jurisich. Considering that the scope of our operations to become compliant was daunting, “Tash” rapidly proved crucial in the thorough investigation she conducted to ascertain risk exposure on all sites.

During this process she extensively worked with our staff and swiftly build relationships to understand our staff and the daily orchard realities they faced. Once the risk assessment and register were completed, complementary documentation was produced and clearly communicated with staff and management. We then continued with the implementation process to educate, encourage, and assist our staff, enabling them to take ownership of H&S compliance in their own orchard settings.

During this process Tash reached out into her extensive network to aid, direct, and assist our Zest staff, management, and directors in training, education, staff meetings, “Safety by Design” capital investment, SOP development, policy implementation, negotiation, and HR consultation. Natasha embedded her professionalism and expertise into our organisation, appropriately and effectively. The Safe365 app allows us to track our progress with the Starburst featuring as key progress indicator, enabling us to target, report, plan and improve our H&S processes.

Under her leadership Zest has moved into the next phase of process verification and total ownership of maintaining our H&S systems. Considering the comprehensive expertise and guidance Pillar has provided, Zest will continue to engage Pillar into our annual review.
Superfluous to mention, Zest recommends the Pillar team to any organisation that is intentional about looking after their staff as highly valuable assets, their company material assets, and their national and international reputation and compliance.

Jan Pieter de Jong – Operations Manager


"Swiftly build relationships to understand our staff & the daily orchard realities they faced"

“I was first introduced to Pillar Consulting through a networking meeting in Tauranga. I was instantly impressed with what they could offer to our business to assist with our HR and health & safety. My first dealings with Pillar Consulting was when I engaged them to work through an employment issue we had. This was when I first met Natasha Jurisich. As part of the process we needed to interview staff on a non-biased basis. Tash conducted these interviews on our behalf. Myself and the persons interviewed were very impressed with the way these interviews were conducted. Tash was very thorough and made sure the persons interviewed felt at ease which made a difficult process much easier. Since then we have engaged Pillar Consulting to help with our health and safety. Tash has helped us improve our processes and systems here and we continue to work with Tash along with the help of the wider Pillar team. I would recommend Pillar Consulting as a professional, easy to deal with company that provides great results.”

Dean Purves – Mills Tui


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