Chantelle Venter has joined the Pillar team as our Australia based Director and General Manager.

About Chantelle
Wanting to build a career that had more focus on developing and maintaining relationships helping people, Chantelle began her career in customer service, talent acquisition and human resources. She started her own consultancy focusing on IT and financial recruitment and it grew strongly for five years. Family values became central to her life, so she sold her consultancy and moved to New Zealand to raise a family. Chantelle quickly built an active profile in New Zealand, working with a variety of companies as a principal consultant and implementing developmental changes in large businesses. More recently Chantelle qualified to consult in Workplace Health and Safety in Brisbane Queensland, partnering with our clients to help them put strong, robust processes in place to allow them to protect their people and their business. Driven by a strong work ethic, challenge, and change, she continues her passion to make a genuine effort to improve people’s lives. Chantelle consistently delivers quality within her work and is passionate about people, change and technology.

Talk to Chantelle on 04 1953 9280 | chantelle@pillarconsulting.com.au