Safe365 has an app that not only allows employees to log any incidents and new hazards/risks, BUT also has pre-written checklists to monitor health and wellbeing during COVID-19 This is a great feature during Alert Levels 2 & 3 and is a value added feature. The NZ owners/developers of Safe365 are passionate about keeping New Zealanders safe and well during these uncertain times – that’s why we partner with them, because they’re onto it and have the same mission as us!

Some further information from Safe 365 about the features and benefits of their app:

Contactless, instant connectivity with your team to provide visibility COVID-19 requirements are in place and effective.

The Safe365 smartphone app and performance console have many features that have been used by the Safe365 client community during the COVID-19 pandemic. With a resurgence in new positive COVID-19 cases, we thought it was timely to refresh you on some of the tools that might be helpful to you.

Pre-developed COVID-19 checklists: Within the Safe365 performance console, in the ‘checklist zone’, there are a number of specific business process checklists that many businesses find very useful (they’ve been used over 40,000 times to date!). These include working from home set up & risk assessment, pre-arrival screening for essential worker operations, construction manager checklists and much more.  You can edit any of the checklists/processes to meet any specific needs of your business. The benefits of using these are real-time visibility of critical business and safety processes being executed by the team, reduced double handling of report data, reduced admin, reduced person to person physical contact and automated time/date/location records.

COVID-19 Team Survey: Within the ‘survey zone’ there is a special COVID-19 team survey template that you can deploy to your connected app users. The survey provides rapid feedback for management regarding key issues for the workforce, ensuring the business can focus its time and resource where it’s needed during the COVID-19 response.

Safety Observations, Risk & Incident Reporting: These pre-built workflows on the app enable you to get immediate notification of any issues or concerns any of the team identifies in terms of COVID-19 (or any other) health & safety risks in the business.

Safe 365 also have some handy resources available FREE to their subscribers. Sign up today using the web link below and select Pillar Consulting as your as your organisation partner and we will be in touch to assist.

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